Dan Duryea (1907-68) made his name on Broadway in the play “Dead End,” followed by “The Little Foxes,” in which he played the dishonest and not particularly bright weakling Leo Hubbard. He moved to Hollywood in 1940 to appear in the film version in the same role. He established himself in films playing similar secondary roles as the foil, usually as a weak or annoyingly immature character. As his career progressed he played a number of roles as a violent, yet sexy, bad guy throughout the ‘40s in a number of film noirs, usually portraying a con man or criminal who beat his women. His work in this era included Scarlet Street, THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW, CRISS CROSS and BLACK ANGEL. By the 1950s, Duryea spent most of his time appearing in TV programs and an occasional western. Other notable roles included parts in the noir western WINCHESTER '73 and THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX. He also appeared in one of the first Twilight Zone episodes in 1959.

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