No actor ever had a more impressive list of film credits than Whit Bissell (1909-96). Born Whitner Nutting Bissell, he grew up in New York city and attended private all-boys schools there. At 14 he was sent to a boarding school in Connecticut and later attended the University of North Carolina where he majored in English and Drama. Just before graduating he applied for Eva Le Gallienne's apprentice student group in New York at the Civic Repertoire Company and was enrolled. He also attended The National Theatre Company. This training led to his Broadway debut and by the time he entered films, in the '40s, he had racked up a long list of Broadway credentials. His most recognizable long, stone face, silver hair and very mellow voice were perfect for film and he made a career of playing businessmen, military types, historical figures and other professional types. He could play either hero or villain and did so with gusto in many noir films.