Lee Patrick (1901-82) began acting on Broadway in 1924 and moved to Hollywood a few years later. Over the next several years she played numerous supporting roles, without attracting much critical attention, but then her career got a big boost when she appeared in the granddaddy of all noir films, THE MALTESE FALCON(1941) as Effie Perine, the loyal and quick-thinking secretary of Humphrey Bogart's Sam Spade. Among her other films are BORDER CAFE (1937), NOW, VOYAGER (1942), MRS. PARKINGTON (1944), MILDRED PIERCE (1945) and CAGED (1950). Her final film role was a reprise of her Effie Perine character in a comedic (and unsuccessful) reworking of the Sam Spade story titled THE BLACK BIRD(1975) starring George Segal as Sam Spade Jr. Patrick appeared on TV in the 1950's in "Topper" opposite Leo G. Carroll.