Lizabeth Scott (1922) began her career in stock and got her first break when she was cast as Tallulah Bankhead's understudy in THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH (1942) while working as a fashion model. Starmaker Hal Wallis spotted her, which led to her film debut in 1945. Hyped as another Lauren Bacall or Veronica Lake, the dark blonde actress starred in the noir thriller DEAD RECKONING (1947), the first of many femme fatale outings. She starred in DESERT FURY (1947), a noir filmed in Technicolor, with John Hodiak, Burt Lancaster, Wendell Corey and Mary Astor and was paired with Lancaster and Corey again, plus Kirk Douglas, in I WALK ALONE (1948), a noirish story of betrayal and vengeance. Wallis dropped her option in 1957, effectively ending her movie career. She appeared in one additional film, PULP (1972), with Michael Caine and - in a far cry from her film nor days - lent her voice to a series of cat food commercials.

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