Lauren Bacall (1924), now in her 80s and still going strong, began her career as a model, gracing the cover of Harper's Bazaar at age 19, before moving on to acting. She landed a starring role in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (1944) opposite Humphrey Bogart. The pair married a year later, and went on to make five films (and two children) together, including THE BIG SLEEP (1946) and KEY LARGO (1948). Her movie career cooled somewhat in the '60s and '70s, and she turned to Broadway, winning Tony Awards for her roles in “Applause” (1970) and “Woman of the Year” (1981). She was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Barbra Streisand's mother in THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (1996), and most recently appeared with Nicole Kidman in two films: DODVILLE (2003) and BIRTH (2004). (She was also married to actor Jason Robards (1961–69), and is the mother of actor Sam Robards.

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pogodog7 said...

Did you ever see Bacall when she was young? She was literally so hot, she burnt the screen.