Jack Lambert (1920-2002) specialized in playing movie tough guys and heavies. Following a stint on Broadway, Lambert moved to Hollywood and began working in films in 1943. He was a familiar figure in crime dramas in such noirs as KISS ME DEADLY, VERA CRUZ, THE KILLERS and THE ENFORCER, and in Westerns such as HOW THE WEST WAS WON. Not to be confused with two others with the same name, the British actor and football player.


Anonymous said...

His last film role was in gunsmoke in 1970.
He was then about 50 years old. What did he do after 1970.
I could not find any information.
Do you know anything?
Thanks - a good blog.
Greetings from Germany

LittleOldMe said...

Always liked him!

Anonymous said...

Appeared in a Wagon Train Episode