Coleen Gray (1922) made many film noir thrillers, westerns and even several horror films during her lengthy acting career. She scored a critical notice in KISS OF DEATH (1947). Later that year starred in NIGHTMARE ALLEY, a landmark film of noir cynicism as a carny lifer named Molly who hits the big time with scam mentalist Tyrone Power. In 1948 she appeared as John Wayne's love interest in the memorable opening sequences of RED RIVER. In the ‘50s she played a memorably crooked nurse in THE SLEEPING CITY. She also provided solid performances in KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL (1952), an underrated film (and an early prelude to RESERVOIR DOGS), and THE KILLING (1956), in which she plays a lonely woman desperate for love in noir city.

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pogodog7 said...

Coleen Gray was a super hottie in her day. She should have done much better