John Arthur Kennedy (1914-90) got his break in movies when he was discovered by James Cagney and played the actor's kid brother in CITY FOR CONQUEST (1940). In the years that followed, Kennedy would play good guys and villains with equal skill, appearing in Western films and police dramas. He starred in several well-received films in the late '40s and the '50s, including HIGH SIERRA (with Bogart), CHAMPION (with Kirk Douglas), THE WINDOW, WHITE HEAT (again with Cagney), THE DESPERATE HOURS (again with Bogart) and THE MAN FROM LARAMIE BEND IN THE RIVER (both with Jimmy Stewart). He also appeared in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, INHERIT THE WIND and ELMER GANTRY, playing a newspaper reporter in each.

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pogodog7 said...

Kennedy was one on the most underrated actors of his time. He was nominated for 4 Oscars in Best Actor in a Supporting Role catagory and once for Best Actor in a Leading Role in Bright Victory (1951). He was also nominated for 2 Golden Globe awards and won in 1956 Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Trial.